With CARRY you pick a water bottle that is outstanding in terms of quality, functionality and design. We have invested a lot of thoughts, a lot of work and even more pleasure into our products. CARRY stands for value combined with aesthetics - the perfect mixture of the right things and the beautiful.

Drinking from disposable bottles is not necessary and also bad for our environment. Only in Germany, 17 billion plastic bottles are consumed every year, which results in 500,000 tons of waste. Water from plastic bottles, of all things, is still a thing, although the quality of our tap water is good - and therefore the better choice. We believe that our environment is already polluted enough by plastic. Our goal is to create sustainable products that are made of environmentally friendly materials, produced under fair conditions and of a high quality. With CARRY we have a drinking bottle that corresponds to this and gives us and our environment a plus in quality of life. So away with the disposable bottle.

Living a conscious life means making decisions that make us happy. For us, this means making products that will accompany you for as long as possible and whose design will put you in a good mood every day. CARRY stands not only for health and sustainability, but also for that certain something. Selected designs with a love for detail meets timeless bottle design. Every piece and every design is created with care, which motivates you to take your own steps - no matter where you are and what you are doing. With our glass drinking bottles we offer you a nice and good product.

More than half of our body consists of water. Without water our body would not function. The fluid stimulates our body and mind, we release energy and are full of energy. At the same time, it gives us peace and quiet, allowing us to approach the day with serenity. In short: health comes from within and water is the base for it. For us, health is a priority. Nothing feels better than being fit and feeling healthy. And the key for this is drinking water. We bear the responsibility that we and our body are in good health. This includes knowing what we drink and what we drink from. CARRY is our way to have enough water with us at all times and to make sure that what we drink remains free of harmful substances.

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